Author : AugustERP

5 Reasons to Implement an ERP System for Business Automation

Top 5 Reasons to Implement an ERP System For Business Automation Does your company business's areas of expertise stuck in storehouses? Do your specialists sit idle searching for the data they have to carry out their activity? What's more, does that particular business process rely upon the convenient culmination of tasks by a huge number Read more »

How does ERP software work in business automation?

The business world has never witnessed a zeal for competitiveness as intense as today. Each business is backed by the same aim of earning huge profits by increasing its productivity and by reducing its cost of expenditure. Amidst all the chaos, the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP System) seems to gain more ground in the Read more »

Introducing New Feature For POS System – Print Before Pay

Exclusive New feature – Print Bill Without Pay We’re excited to announce an exclusive new feature for the POS System which will give the option to print bill or invoice before payment. In regards to the invoice generation in a POS system, currently, we can only print an invoice once the payment has been initiated. Read more »